Chard Double Gold

Hello from Vondeling,

We were delighted to receive the above award last weekend and we also won gold for our 2016 Monsonia blend and 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. Added to the Absa top 10 Pinotage trophy for our 2016 Vondeling Bowwood pinotage and the double gold for 2019 Rose, its been a great few weeks for winning awards


In the vineyards we have been chasing after baboons a lot and trying to discourage them getting into the vines too much. Our latest wheeze is spraying the outside rows with a mixture of hot curry powder on the leaves. Watching a few of them with my binoculars take a taste is epic and they charge off shaking their faces and head for the nearest watering hole.

 Some of our local suppliers have been swept up with World Cup fever.



 Matt was in Joburg last week attending tastings and promotional dinners and getting

our wines out there. Here he is at Wood and Fire in Pretoria.


 Calves have been popping out all over the place on the farm. Spring is in full flow

Please try all our new vintages when you get the chance. Next week if you are in London, I strongly recommend you try and get along to South Africa House in Trafalgar Square to see the Drakensberg Boys Choir School perform and get a delicious glass of Vondeling which will be being served. Follow the link.

All the best