Hello Fellow Vondelingers!

We are still praying for rain! But the forecast is predicting 25mm this weekend, so not converting to “The Whacky Raindance Religion” just yet.

We finished picking on 23rd March (Cabernet Sauvignon). So 2018 was a long old season and the driest since records began. In the end we were approximately 20% down altogether on last year, but the winemakers seem quite excited by the quality. Proof will be in the pudding!

April Nwsl Pic 1April Nwsl Pic 2

 April Nwsl Pic 3
 Emile and cellar rats celebrating last load of 2018 harvest.

For the first time since I have been a farmer/wine producer ( 30 years now) there is a world wine shortage! France had their smallest harvest since 1945 due to a viscious late frost and it was the same “snap” that caused great losses in some regions of Spain and Italy as well. Spain had bad hail damage while Chile and Argentina suffered from late frost. Add California’s fires and serious drought in Southern Europe and South Africa, and you get the reason for the shortage. This will affect the world bulk wine prices, so there might well be a slight increase in wine prices in the shops for the less expensive wines.

 April Nwsl Pic 4
 Gorgeous SA celebrity Minki van der Westhuisen posted some lovely pictures of her family enjoying some Vondeling Cabernet on her Instagram account! #Fame at Last! Follow Minki’s Instagram posts on minkivanderwesthuisen


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 We also enjoyed a visit from Wanda Augustyn and the team from Wineland magazine during harvest. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest issue.


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To end, a classic picture of Daphne.

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