Vineyards have always intrigued Emile. Growing up in the Northern suburbs, Emile and his brother took it upon themselves to visit as many wine farms as possible. This vinous education saw him in good stead, and a passion was ignited to learn more about what makes wines from diverse regions taste so comparatively different. Emile married his wife, Hilani, in our St.Clement’s chapel and their first pink foot, little Anna, made her appearance earlier this year. The trio lives happily on the farm with their two brown border collies.

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What has been the highlight of your career in die wine industry so far?

A:        Being able to travel and drink exceptional wine will always be one of the best things about being in this industry. Road tripping down the East coast of Australia was one to remember. I love that you ask “so far” …


How long have you been working at Vondeling, and what do you love most about the brand?

A:                  I have been winemaker since December 2011, so almost 7 years. There are various aspects I love about working for Vondeling. I think that being such a tightly-knit team and being able to be involved in almost everything that makes a wine farm tick is what makes us great. Being part of it and making awesome wine is what I love.


With which cultivar do you enjoy working the most and why?

A:             There are not many grapes I don’t like working with. I love receiving cool, green-glowing Sauvignon Blanc grapes very early in the morning during harvest. The smell as it comes arrives and the aromatics as it goes through the stages of fermentation are simply amazing.


If you could have dinner with any winemaker, who will it be and where would you take them for dinner or what will you cook?

A:      I often braai with my winemaker friends and I am content with that. Nothing beats a “skaap tjoppie” (lamb chop) on the fire and a local Chenin in my glass.


What is the biggest challenge the South African wine industry is facing currently?

A:              Making world class is relatively easy and South Africa proved that we can do this and beat many other countries on quality. The challenge is selling it to the world at the prices it deserves and being sustainable in growing global awareness.


Which varietal, do you think, will South Africa become best known for in five years from now?

A: Pinotage and Chenin Blanc will always form part of our heritage and future.


What do you enjoy most about living on Vondeling?

A:      Zero traffic and being able to walk home for lunch and have a dip in my pool or spend some time with Anna is pretty neat. Obviously, it is jaw-droppingly beautiful and tranquil too.


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Vondeling Awards Selection

 Awards Box

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We've put together a selection of award-winning Vondeling Wines at a special price for our valued Wine Club members ONLY!

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Vondeling Bowwood MIWA Trophy Matthew Copeland adjusted

Vondeling Wines, the conservation champion wine farm in the heart of Voor-Paardeberg, snatched the JF Hillebrand Trophy awarded to the Top Scoring Pinotage for their Bowwood Pinotage 2015 in the annual Michelangelo International Wine Awards competition. They also scooped no less than three Gold Medals for their Babiana 2017, Petit Blanc Chenin Blanc 2018 and Merlot Reserve 2017.  The awards were presented during a glitzy ceremonial dinner at the Cape Sun Hotel on Saturday 29 September.

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Mariaan started at Vondeling in 2012 and has been an indispensable part of the development of the tasting room. “This place is in my blood,” she says with a smile. Her duties began at the tasting counter and is now the driving force behind the multitude of functions, weddings and lunch concepts, such as offering visitors the chance to experience a traditional South African braai, complete of course with braai broodjies and malva pudding. In a nutshell, if you have an interesting idea - she’s the one to talk to. She has been married to her husband, Malcolm, for over two decades. The pair have two children, Edwin and Christine. When not pouring wines or brainstorming functions, you’ll find Mariaan and her family travelling somewhere beautiful.

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Tell us about your career path in die wine industry.  

A:                       My first job in the wine industry was in 1993 at Twee Jonge Gezellen, Tulbagh. Although it was an admin position, “I caught the bug”. Back then we all had to take turns to work in the tasting room over weekends and I loved it! I have worked in the wine and agriculture industry since then – now “living the dream” by being tasting room & events manager with the added responsibility of marketing and organising functions and weddings, which adds a different dimension and really makes my life interesting.


 What are you passionate about in life?

A: Family first and to travel. “I’ve not been everywhere, but it’s on my list” 


Do you have a favourite Vondeling wine? 

A:    Tough one!  But yes, Vondeling Cabernet Sauvignon. I love the intense flavours of dark red fruit and the way it lingers on the palate. I can literally have a bottle all by myself (and NOT feel it the next day) 


 Where would you like to retire?

A:   Paleochora, Crete (in my dream world) Stilbaai (in my real world)


 What can bridal couples expect from you when booking their wedding at Vondeling Wines?

A:                 Honesty, professionalism, friendliness and lots of laughs along the way. I give it my all. I know how daunting it is to plan a wedding and I want the couple to feel at ease and not sweat the small stuff. I am always available and will go the extra mile to help make the journey to their most special day as stress-free as possible. Most of the Vondeling couples become like family!


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Tim Atkin Report 2018

Vondeling has reaffirmed its position as a consistent producer of outstanding and distinctive still wines with no less than four wines achieving a 90+ rating in Tim Atkin’s 2018 SA Special Report.

• Vondeling Babiana 2017 - 93 Points
• Vondeling Philosophie 2015 - 93 Points
• Vondeling Chardonnay 2017 - 91 Points
• Vondeling Monsonia 2015 - 90 Points

 Tim Atkin is an award-winning British wine-writer and Master of Wine. The 2018 SA Special Report is the sixth edition of his publication. Tim says that his collection, he believes, would compare with the best of any other wine-producing country.

Order your selection of Vondeling wines here

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Join the Piccolo Mondo restaurant at the Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton on Friday 28 September for an epicurean wine dinner presented by Vondeling Wines’ senior winemaker, Matthew Copeland.

Piccolo Mondo Dinner mailchimp

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Want to win the ultimate braai day gift this Heritage Day? Then join the Vondeling Wine Club between 8 and 23 September and stand a chance to win a South African Heritage and Braai Day Gift with complements from Vondeling Wines, valued at R1,000!

Vondeling Braai Day Competition

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This summer make every meal an occasion, every table more elegant and every day more civilized with a “delectable duo” from Vondeling Wines in the Voor-Paardeberg. This duo consists of a unique sparkling wine, the Vondeling Rurale Blanc de Noir 2015, and the very sexy Vondeling Rosé 2018.

Vondeling’s Rurale Blanc de Noir 2015 is made from whole-bunch pressed, organic (uncertified) pinotage grapes. The name Rurale is the original name for what was later recognized by the French A.O.C as Mèthode Ancestrale.

Rosé 2018 Small Rurale BdN Small
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Hi there, Vondelingers
We are very pleased to have completed installation of our new solar panels. The solar power is enough to supply all but our highest electrical needs, which take place during hot days at peak harvest. Outside of these times, i.e. during winter and over weekends, we will be completely green. Winter weddings will run 100% on green energy as there is still more than enough sun to cover our winter requirements.  The solar system will reduce our carbon footprint substantially. We have a mobile app which enables us to monitor our current usage, shows how much kW the system is generating, how much CO2 emissions we are NOT pumping into the atmosphere and the amount of crude oil we save. I think it’s pretty cool! Read all about our conservation efforts here

Aug NL 1

 Vondeling's new solar panels.

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Julian's June Newsletter

Greetings Vondelingers
The last few weeks have brought some good rains and recorded rainfall on Vondeling was 100mm, which is the ten-year average here for May, so that is encouraging. Our wettest months are traditionally July and August, so fingers crossed.
We are currently installing solar panels at Vondeling, which should cut our electricity cost by more than half. It’s been a difficult decision as one never really knows if, by this time next year, a more effective panel may have been invented with installation costs of half the price! (Computers, TV’s and mobile phones jump to mind that have become better and cheaper).

June 1

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