Vondeling Rosé recently received high praise from the wine tasting panel at Classic Wine Magazine. The panel of esteemed judges, including panel chair, Fiona McDonald, Cape Wine Master, Elsie Pells as well as Winemaker, Nomonde Kubheka, tasted a selection of South African Rosés in a blinded wine tasting environment.

Of the 90 wines submitted to the panel for tasting, three wines, including the Vondeling Rosé, were awarded a four star rating, which on the quality scale translates to “an excellent wine of distinction.”

Vondeling winemaker, Matthew Copeland, explains that ‘the wine is a dry wine, made from red grapes with a red fruit profile and some spice, rather than taking white wine and adding a little bit of colour.’ Our location here, with its warm climate and lovely granite soils adds great vibrancy.’

Vondeling Sweet Carolyn 2009

Another accolade awarded by the Classic Wine Magazine panel was awarded to the Vondeling Sweet Carolyn, a special wine made with a great deal of love and care from a small, single vineyard block of the famous Muscat de Frontignan grape. The grapes are crimped on the vine allowing them to dry out, thus intensifying the fruit flavours in the grapes. The fruit is then harvested and pressed to create a very limited quantity of ambrosial sweet wine.

Panel Chairman, Christine Rudman, points out how extremely competitive the dessert wine category in South Africa is, with consistent quality and competitive pricing. In this context, we are very pleased to be included in the Top 6 selection, with a well-deserved four star rating.