The aim of this venture is to raise funds to support WESSA’s continuing conservation and environmental education work. Wine‐lovers will now have the opportunity to return nature’s generosity and become partners with WESSA in caring too. Profits from sales of the wines will go directly to the organisation and help WESSA to work for the continued conservation of our natural heritage and a sustainable lifestyle on a healthy planet.

Vondeling Wines is a fitting partner for this WESSA initiative due to its long‐term commitment to conservation. The estate has over 400 hectares of indigenous fynbos on its mountain slopes, including critically‐endangered Swartland Granite Renosterveld.

Vondeling is Biodiversity and Wine Initiative certified and is currently working towards Champion Status. This means that it will put in place a comprehensive conservation management plan with dedicated staff members to implement it. Vondeling is also involved in several conservation initiatives in the area through the Voor‐Paardeberg Sustainability Initiative including the Paardeberg Fire Protection Association and a detailed post-fire fynbos survey of the Paardeberg Mountain. For more details, and images of these amazing plants and flowers, click here.

Cura 2010 is a blend of 85% Shiraz, 8% Mourvèdre, 3% Carignan, 3% Petit Verdot and 1% Viognier. It is deep red in colour with purple hues and a smoky depth which forms the backdrop for a plump bouquet of refined spice and wild berry flavours. Polished oak and restrained tannin ensure a long, gentle finish.

Cura is available directly from Vondeling at R69 per bottle for members of WESSA, and R79 per bottle for non- members. To order, please email

For more information on WESSA, please contact Catherine Ritchie on;

T) +27 (0)82 321 2794