This publication materialised following a fire on the Paardeberg, which burnt 75% of the mountain above the farmlands. Being the first fire in 25 years, it offered an unmatched opportunity to document and observe the emergent plant species as they germinated and flowered.

Sponsored by Anthony Ward, of Vondeling Wine Estate, botanist and photographer Greg Nicolson recorded and archived images and specimens over 18 months, in consultation with the Compton Herbarium. He collected over 1000 species, including one species new to science, and a number of new distribution records.

Walking the mountain for over 18 months, gave Greg a broad view of animal, bird and insect inhabitants of the Paardeberg that have been included among the flowers. Ruth Garland was invited to write text to the publication, which is designed to highlight an appreciation of the diversity and beauty of this part of the matchless Cape Floral Kingdom.

This book is primarily to give pleasure to those who love the natural world while also providing an opportunity to learn more about a spectacular part of it, so that it is treasured and adequately protected for generations to come.