Little Sparkle

Inspired by our pioneering, limited release Methode Ancestral, our Little Sparkle is a fresh and vibrant offering for every occasion.

This endearing wine will wash away the mundane and bring out the fabulous in you.

Work on this project began several years ago and was born from the desire to make a premium Sparkling Wine affordable to ALL our loyal customers and wedding guests. We knew we had excellent Chardonnay, well suited to the production of premium sparkling wine but felt that the Rurale, our Methode Ancestral, was perhaps out of reach for some. We began by experimenting with different fermentation techniques that would offer you complexity without bottle fermentation and ageing. To put it simply we had to achieve this in the tank and then by using cutting edge new technology and equipment we were able to bottle the wine under high pressure and add that effervescent sparkle we love so much.


There is no doubt that great wine is made in the vineyard. At Vondeling we are blessed with a healthy assortment of soils, slopes and the climatic conditions that allow our grapes to ripen perfectly. We only work with grapes we farm ourselves and are therefore certain of their virility.

The grapes for this wine originate from our steeper, South-facing slopes, which are naturally cooler. This helps to preserve the grape’s natural acidity, ensuring freshness and vibrancy. The grapes are picked during the early hours of the morning and crushed as whole bunches to limit oxidation and phenolic extraction. Keeping the colour bright and the aromas intact.

Once pressed, the juice is allowed to settle in stainless steel tanks for 48hrs before the clear juice is racked and inoculated with a specifically neutral yeast, which will not create any overly tropical aromas. This is essential in creating a base wine suitable for sparkling wine production. Should there be too many overtly fruity aromas, the wine will be less refreshing and the effect of the bubbles less discreet.

Fermentation encouraged to take place vigorously and at a warm temperature to promote mouthfeel and to dimmish fruity aromas. Fermentation takes approximately two weeks, after which the wine remains on the yeast lees for a minimum of 7months. During this time, through a process known as autolysis, the yeast cell walls disintegrate and impart a creaminess to the wine. Storage conditions are kept cool to encourage precipitation of some of the natural acidity and to block any secondary malo-lactic fermentation.

The wine is now ready for a final filtration to clarify the wine and ensure its sterility before being bottled with an in-bottle pressure 5,4 bars.


The wine is clear and vibrant with a hint of pale yellow on the fringe. Tiny chains of sparkling bubbles rise to the surface like miniature strings of pearls. On the nose, you’ll experience a mild citrus and brioche bouquet which is typical of premium sparkling Chardonnay. The Little Sparkle has a full palate with abundant bubbles and a smooth, soft, creamy finish Elegant and well-rounded, enjoy this wine wherever there is good company and great food. We recommend this wine with smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches or delicious West Coast oysters.


2021 SA Sparkling Wine Championship (Gold)


pH 3.3
Total Acidity 7.3 g/l
Residual Sugar 11.7 g/l
Alcohol 12.9 %

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