Dear Vondelingers

Well, that was quite a long harvest. We started picking on 24th January (Chardonnay for our sparkling Methode Ancestral) and finished last week on April 4th (Cabernet Sauvignon). We will finish pressing next week just before Easter. I think then there is a good chance that we may share a beer or two with Matthew and Emile, our illustrious winemakers. 🙂

The harvest overall was a fairly tricky one. The crop was definitely affected by the drought last year which resulted in unbelievably dry sub soils and the inability (due to no water) to carry out a post-harvest irrigation in 2018, which is vitally important for the vines to build up reserves for the following season. Then a big downpour at the beginning of March put us back a few weeks. As usual, “proof will be in the pudding”, so lets just see how the wines turn out.


Towards the end of harvest, I had to nip over to Germany and exhibit our wines at Prowein in Dusseldorf. I was beautifully looked after by our German importer, Curry Premium Wines, and I am very excited to have found a new Belgian importer, Kaapwijn Import De Leeuw. We also had a wonderful visit from wine enthusiasts from Slovenia led by wine legend Robert Gorjack. I took them on a tractor and trailor ride through the vineyards followed by a tasting and lunch of traditional Bobotie, prepared by our very own Mariaan.


Co-owner of Vondeling, Anthony Ward, went on safari in Namibia with his wife Sophie. He was immensely happy to find our 2 premium white wines, Babiana and Chardonnay, being sold in the 5-star lodges they visited in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

March also saw two memorable weddings here on Vondeling. If you are planning to tie the knot this year, then read our latest blog post about what makes Vondeling the ideal choice for a wedding venue.
(Images courtesy of Claire Nicola Wedding Photographer)


Bridget and I were also invited to present the Vondeling premium wines at the Mackenzie House dinner at Michaelhouse on the evening before the Hilton v Michaelhouse annual rugby fixture. A very grand evening and very good sales achieved. A big thankyou to Michaelhouse and Trevor Gower of Meander Fine Wines for the opportunity.

Lastly, may I wish everyone a happy Easter and an enjoyable rest from the ridiculously fast paced world that we all live in.

All the best