We are very excited to be releasing our premium, limited release wine, called Philosophie. It’s a Bordeaux-style blend and we only produced 1,800 bottles. It’s our attempt to make the best possible wine from our estate, with no expense spared in vineyard or cellar. Philosophie, is a brave endeavour in which we attempt to marry the mind, the heart and the soil as we celebrate the diversity of Vondeling. Each year a rare Paardeberg flower is selected and illustrated by an artist of our choice to create a unique label. In this, our maiden vintage, we’ve selected Haemanthus sanguineus to be our flag bearer. Appropriately, this delicate bloom was the first to emerge after the devastating veld fire of 2011 and for whom we cry, Per Ignem Vitae… from fire, life!

Get the tasting note here and order your share of Philosophie here. You can also purchase it in magnum size.

Biodiversity at Vondeling

Vondeling was a proud supporter of the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative, established in 2004, to promote awareness and participation in driving conservation minded farming practices. In 2014, Vondeling was awarded Championship status within this organisation.

In 2016, the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative ceased to exist as its initial mandate had been fulfilled, however, Vondeling continues its commitment to conservation of our unique biodiversity under the banner of the WWF as “Conservation Champions.”

Download the user-friendly WWF Conservation Champions App at or have a look at their informative video on YouTube