We have been a part of winetourism.com and listed our winery on their website for visitors to view and choose
the tours they can be a part of Vondeling Wines.

We recently collaborated with them again on a new project where our winery was featured on the
Vinjournalen.se, a Swedish wine magazine. Vinjournalen.se is the one stop shop for all the information regarding
wines, food pairings and in general, educate people of Sweden about wines from all around the world.

The article talks about the beautiful wine region of Coastal Region and we are extremely delighted to have our
winery represent our beautiful region. Please check out the original article with the title, Coastal regions
fantastiska viner i Sydafrika!

The wine region of Coastal Region is a beautiful part of our country and has a very rich culture, beautiful tourist
destinations and unique culinary diversity. If you are planning to visit Coastal Region soon, check everything you
need to know about our beautiful region.

While you are here, also come and visit Vondeling Wines. We have various tours and tastings available and
you can be a part of a wonderful wine experience. For more information about the winery visit itinerary, please
visit the experience page of our winery.

Wine Tasting sessions at Vondeling Wines