Monday, 20 January 2020 12:31

Welcome to the new decade

Greetings All

I hope you had a fabulous festive season and are well rested for the year ahead. The tasting room here at Vondeling was busier than usual and we had lots of punters coming for wine tasting and leaving with their cars filled up with wines.

The Carol service on December 22nd was absolutely fantastic and we had 120 very enthusiastic singers after a glass of wine (or 2) before the service on the stoep of the tasting room. A big thankyou to Ewald Moerman for conducting the service and James Reid from the Foundry winery for providing all 10 readers from his extended family. They all read beautifully.

The grape harvest is looking very good and I think we will start picking next week sometime, probably Sauvignon Blanc.

Meanwhile Matt and Emile, our talented winemakers have been checking everything is ship shape in the wineries. Here they are inspecting a new chilling unit.

On Monday we are bottling the 2019 Barrel Selection Chardonnay which is simply delicious.

Load shedding has been pretty appauling and thank goodness for our supersonic generators we have at both wineries that kick in the moment the power goes off. Without them harvest would be a nightmare.

Finally, I can remind you that Valentine's day is fast approaching, so we are doing some fantastic deals on our delicious pink bubbly and ravishing rose…look out for our next newsletter in which we will reveal our February promotions.

Enjoy the hot weather. Its 35° C here today

Until February,


Wednesday, 11 December 2019 07:10

Wishing You a Happy Festive Season

Early Christmas Greetings Everyone

I can’t believe we are into December already and Christmas day is just 3 weeks away.

We sadly lost a young cow this week, that was bitten by a Cape Cobra and there are currently quite a few slithering about.

The much awaited John Platter guide was released recently and our wines got some cracking ratings, so we were all delighted by that and big congratulations to all especially our winemakers Matthew and Emile but also to our farm manager Magnus, for producing fantastic fruit for the winemakers to work with.

We were also very chuffed to have our recently released 2018 Chardonnay rated No 1 out of a blind wine tasting of 20 top rated Chardonnays by the Wine of the Month Club.

The wildlife continues to be a wonderful inspiration to live here on the Voor Paardeberg. Yesterday I was on my mountain bike and I was nearly knocked off by a large Cape Fox breaking cover. Also these beautiful Eagle Owl chicks were stumbled upon by Magnus.

On Sunday 22nd December we are having our Christmas Carol Service. See flyer below. Please try and come if you are anywhere near by.

Lastly, may I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and remember to invite anyone over for a lovely glass of Vondeling, especially if you think they may be alone and need cheering up.

Take care,


Message from our Tasting Room Manager, Mariaan Harris:

“Last week we were visited by Paolo Biron, the director of a travel company called Into the Vineyard, Canada. Paolo has criss-crossed the globe for the past 15 years leading some of the world’s most luxurious bike and wine tours, but he has never been to South Africa. Into the Vineyard, in conjunction with a well-known tour company in South Africa will be starting tours to the Cape Winelands soon and yesterday, together with my sister Ronel Vermaak of Lando Tours we introduced Paolo to some of the interesting wine farms and characters of the Paardeberg area."

Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 Caps

 With Vondeling being British owned and the rugby world cup final played between England and South Africa this year in Japan we thought it apt to make a special Vondeling cap to commemorate the occasion.

Only 50 caps made. Selling at R250 per cap + delivery costs. Nationwide (main centres) delivery costs on cap only will be around R110 inclusive.

Here’s an idea – join the Vondeling wine club, order 12 bottles of Vondeling wines and your cap and pay zero delivery fees!

To place your order please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Wednesday, 13 November 2019 07:57

Showers and Rainbows

Hi Everyone

Well, South Africa won the Rugby World Cup. Absolutely fantastic, very uplifting and everyone celebrated like mad!

This punter was seen celebrating with a bottle of our Double Gold Rose in Camps Bay.

We have had some fantastic late rains getting more than triple the average for October, but it has meant that we have had to be extra diligent in the vineyards. keeping our eyes open for Downy and Powdry Mildew, which can decimate one’s crop. Luckily the winds have stayed fresh and it has remained fairly cool ensuring a very healthy looking flowering season.

If the weather gods stay with us, this will turn into a beautiful bunch of Cabernet Sauvignon by March 2020.

We were very excited to receive a double gold for our 2016 Method Ancestral bubbly in the new SA Sparling Wine Championships among some stellar opposition. You can order it online here.

We had the most beautiful wedding this month, the chapel and reception area really looked amazing. Enquire about our wedding packages via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enjoy the build up to Christmas. Its round the corner!

All the best


Wednesday, 09 October 2019 12:47

Hello from Vondeling

Chard Double Gold

Hello from Vondeling,

We were delighted to receive the above award last weekend and we also won gold for our 2016 Monsonia blend and 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. Added to the Absa top 10 Pinotage trophy for our 2016 Vondeling Bowwood pinotage and the double gold for 2019 Rose, its been a great few weeks for winning awards

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 12:40

Go Slowly, Come Back Quickly

Greetings Vondelingers

I am writing from the wet and saturated slopes of Voor-Paardeberg where the dams are filling up fast. May the rains go slowly and come back quickly to top up our water resources for summer.

A couple of weeks ago we planted a new block of Malbec. This fruity variety originally comes from Bordeaux, along with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot . Unbelievably, Malbec was the fastest growing red variety in the UK last year, mainly due to the incredible success the Argentinians have had with it. In years to come we will possibly add it to our Bordeaux-style red blend.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 12:33

In the Middle of Winter at Vondeling

Hi there,

Winter has set in at Vondeling and we will begin pruning at the end of the month.

We recently had some very special visitors staying for the weekend. Marie Van Breda was celebrating her 80th birthday with her children and grandchildren from Switzerland, Namibia and Cape Town. Marie’s Father, Lambertus Smith, owned Vondeling and she was brought up here. She has some amazing memories and I think they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to host a private function here at Vondeling.

Hello Everyone

My brother in law's brother, Eddie, was on holiday in Palma de Mallorca last week, enjoying the Mediterranean sunshine. He thought he definitely needed some wine to accompany the beautiful spring weather, so he popped into the nearest wine shop and was delighted to find some Vondeling. He reported that Palma and Vondeling Chenin are extremely well matched.

Monday, 15 April 2019 10:50

Harvest 2019 Report

Dear Vondelingers

Well, that was quite a long harvest. We started picking on 24th January (Chardonnay for our sparkling Methode Ancestral) and finished last week on April 4th (Cabernet Sauvignon). We will finish pressing next week just before Easter. I think then there is a good chance that we may share a beer or two with Matthew and Emile, our illustrious winemakers. :-)

The harvest overall was a fairly tricky one. The crop was definitely affected by the drought last year which resulted in unbelievably dry sub soils and the inability (due to no water) to carry out a post-harvest irrigation in 2018, which is vitally important for the vines to build up reserves for the following season. Then a big downpour at the beginning of March put us back a few weeks. As usual, “proof will be in the pudding”, so lets just see how the wines turn out.


Matt his Bowwood team

VONDELING 2016 Bowwood Pinotage has claimed a place as one of the best in South Africa with its first-ever win in the Absa Top 10 Pinotage awards announced at Boschendal today [SUBS: Wednesday, 14 August 2019].

The winning Vondeling Bowwood 2016 is only the third vintage of Pinotage made at Vondeling and ranked in the top 10 alongside some of the wine industry’s most long-standing and distinguished names in Pinotage.

“The Absa Top 10 is the biggest event there is for Pinotage and is known as a reliable indicator of the very best of Pinotage in South Africa, and so just making the list of 20 finalists for the first time was a thrill, especially as a very young producer. Taking a Top 10 trophy home is absolutely fantastic and we’re so proud to have made it into a list that features some of the most venerable names in Pinotage,” an elated Vondeling winemaker Matthew Copeland said.

Last year, the second vintage, 2015, was awarded the JF Hillebrand Trophy for Best Pinotage overall in the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Award. The 2014 achieved 4.5 stars in the 2017 and 2018 editions of the Platter’s South African Wine Guide, and the 2015 was rated as 4 stars in the 2019 guide.

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